StatMap provides application support detailed within an eVO Platform Enterprise Agreement, which lasts for the duration of a signed contract and is dependent upon full payment of the single site-wide annual licencing and support payment.  It can be renewed annually or for longer periods.

StatMap offers one of the most comprehensive and generous service level agreement terms and conditions available.  Such is the confidence we have in our cutting-edge and market leading software platform, we feel confident in offering such generous terms.


Included within the site-wide annual licencing and support payment are consultancy days, which can take the form of visits to your organisation by StatMap personnel, or be delivered remotely.  These are intended to work with you to assist in the development of your eVO Platform products, integration, or general consultancy relating to the use of spatial analysis and its use within organisations, business intelligence and operational / strategic analysis and improvement.

For more information upon consultancy.

Installation, Implementation and Configuration Plans

Because StatMap products are Common Off-The-Shelf (COTS) software products, the implementation, including set-up and configuration, is a simple process and easy to plan for.

Implementation plans can be built by us in close consultation with yourselves (the creation of which we will, of course, lend full assistance to) and amended to suit your agenda and scope, should you wish to change these as the implementation proceeds.

Normally, the implementation plan is based around achieving, on a requirement-by-requirement basis, the business objectives set-out as part of the installation and implementation plan.  As already mentioned, you will find that this process is very administrative-light and the system meeting all of the business requirements can be delivered to you in a matter of days, if required.

Implementations normally proceed with StatMap’s technical representatives attending an initial meeting with relevant personnel within the Council.  Extensive experience has demonstrated that the installation and configuration processes using our software are straightforward, so the time period specified of five days is given with strong assurance that this will be adequate.

Iterative testing of the ‘Test’ environment will then be used to ensure that the Test environment is functioning as required. If significant alterations are required, we will provide a rapid development schedule for redeployment to the Test environment in order to rectify any identified issues. 

Should customers have test environments for the third-party applications which are to be integrated with the StatMap software infrastructure – including your CRM and CMS - we will implement these in the test versions first of all.

Software Support and Upgrades - Service Level Agreement

Technical Support

Technical support of all StatMap products is provided solely by developers. This leads to fast response times and efficient resolutions of any issues. StatMap Technical Support handles the full spectrum of events which includes:
guiding users in relation to existing eVO Platform product features,

  • recommendations upon how customer specific problem can be solved using our products,
  • discussion and cooperation in submitting feature requests,
  • resolving software issues,
  • helping maintain server-side datasets like raster imaginary, Ordnance Survey MasterMap datasets or scheduled, batch uploads,
  • performing deployment of upgrades to testing and live environments,


Our core products contain specially designed reporting features which create perpetual reports of issues experienced by all system users. There are three tiers of logs:

  1. Incident reports which describe a single error instance. They contain all details associated with issue event like user name, easting, northing, used layers/maps etc. Those reports are stored permanently on eVO Platform servers and can be retrieved by eVO administrator.
  2.  Security logs which describe users’ activities and are used by system managers to detect any security breaches.
  3.  Low-level logs which are kept on the server and are not accessible from the client PCs. They contain information from internal monitoring systems and can help in resolving more elusive issues, like performance bottlenecks.

Product Usability

If assistance is required with product usability issues (e.g. how-to questions), please follow these steps:

  • Review the information in the StatMap product online help [Customers are provided with corporate login details, which are used to access all resources].
  • Search the Knowledgebase FAQ on

If these resources do not answer your question, submit a question to the StatMap Technical Support Team via StatMap support system which can be found in the Support section on StatMap website.

Product Supported Release Policy

StatMap will provide code support for a minimum of two versions behind the current release version at any one time. Upon the release of a new product versions, StatMap will provide an overlap period, at which time three releases are supported. The term of the overlap period is 1 month, unless different a period is announced at the time of the release.

StatMap will continue to support customers on earlier versions and may, at its discretion, provide code fixes if necessary.

Case Logging Process

Level One ("how-to", configuration, etc.) incidents should be handled by a person with either GIS managerial responsibilities and/or eVO Platform system administrator privileges (as determined by your organisation) unless no answer is found in any of the sources listed in the Product Usability section of this guidance. In the cases when documentation does not offer an answer to the question, or the explanation is unclear, the Contact Person should submit a Support Request.
StatMap provides eVO customers Level Two support for up to three (3) Contact Persons. Contact Persons have received eVO Platform product training, and are usually familiar with eVO Platform product functionality and configuration.

As a StatMap customer you have access to qualified engineers who can help determine the nature of the problem and provide solutions to your issues. To expedite the process, the Customer needs to go to StatMap’s website and follow these steps:

  • Search the online help on the StatMap website for answers to your questions or technical issue.
  • Create a Support Request by entering all required fields in the Support Request form. Be sure to enter the correct Request Priority (described below) to ensure timely and fair service.

Support Request Resolution Process

After submitting a Support Request, you will receive an email notification confirming receipt of the request. This email will contain a unique Support Request number. Please reference this number during any future communications with Customer Support. Your Request will be dispatched immediately to a StatMap Technical Support Analyst.

Your assigned Technical Support Analyst will work with you to recreate and resolve the problem. If the issue cannot be satisfactorily resolved at the first level of contact, each product expert has their own escalation process to keep open cases moving towards completion. It is important to mention that each level of support is properly trained and instructed to hand issues over in case necessary. In this way we guarantee no waste of time in the most critical moments of your service case. The StatMap Technical Support Team is experienced with problem handling in customers’ infrastructure. It is crucial to make correct decisions in a very timely manner, or else expensive time is wasted in the process of the solution. As our team solves many different problems per day, it is well trained in terms of technology as well as in terms of hands-on experience.

Incident Tracking

After submitting a Support Request, you can visit the StatMap website to view open or closed Support Requests. At any time, you may add additional details to the history of your Support Request and also add attachments, which may assist your Technical Support Analyst.

Guide to Call Priorities and Response Times

StatMap operates four levels of support call priority.  These, with their accompanying explanation, are as follows:


Priority Level

Response Time


1 Business Hour

  • Major functional issue for which there is no workaround at the time the case is logged.
  • Causes the software system to fail completely.
  • Requires constant restarting of the software system.
  • Irretrievable data loss/corruption.


2 Business Hours

  • Explicitly documented major functionality of the software is missing or not usable.
  • Obscure, difficult to reproduce, infrequent crashes or hangs.
  • Software cannot be used as designed, advertised or documented.
  • Documentation issue leading to a severe error or data corruption.
  • No workaround or solution known at the time the issue is logged.


8 Business Hours

  • It does not meet the criteria of neither Emergency nor High priority.
  • General question related to product functionality or usage not covered in documentation.
  • Situations in which the functionality of the product is slightly restricted.
  • Normal priority issues usually have workarounds.


2 Business Days

  • It does not meet the criteria of the previous priorities. 
  • Low priority request for information. 
  • A defect in very obscure product functionality. 
  • Misspelling in the documentation or in a product screen, cosmetic problems.

General Conditions

StatMap’s Service Level Agreement will only extent support to StatMap products and services for which clients have paid support and licencing for.  [note:  licencing is necessary to operate, have installed and use any StatMap software applications].
StatMap require that customers supply full details relating to the protocol for dialling in to the hosting server environments.  The customer will need to enable remote connection requests in a timely manner, enabling our technical staff ample opportunity to trouble-shoot any problems.

Customers should:

  • provide a primary point of contact for StatMap – with whom arrangements can be made to ensure that all prerequisites are in place for StatMap prior to installations and upgrades taking place.  The primary point of contact will be able to ensure that any requirements which StatMap have are fully complied with.
  • always advise StatMap well in advance of any infrastructure or account changes which are being made, and which may affect the running of the eVO Platform applications and services – e.g. system account names and permissions.
  • first seek answers to technical user questions on StatMap’s online user documentation.  Full and unlimited access to StatMap’s technical user and support documentation is provided to all current customers.
  • provide full and unambiguous information relating to any reported issue.  In this way, StatMap’s technical personnel will be able to respond effectively in remedying any matters, as reported.  Similarly, full cooperation with StatMap technical staff is required in order to ensure that any reported matters can be fully addressed.

Escalation Procedure

In the event of a fault not being resolved to the satisfaction of the customer, the issue will initially be handled by the customer’s Account Manager with the option to escalate to the Company Director.