Earthlight eVO

Making the eVO-lutionary leap for GIS: from the desktop to the internet browser. Anytime. Any place. Any device.

All you need is an internet browser, with no installations on local devices required. Enterprise GIS has never been so easy, straight-forward and powerful.

Earthlight is our uniquely powerful intranet-based enterprise GIS, which can be used a direct replacement for the traditional desktop GIS software application - though it can also be used with desktop GIS clients - using an internet browser JavaScript client.  It is intended to provide for all of your internal corporate-wide geospatial functionality and data management requirements.


Earthlight: the ultimate ENTERPRISE platform offering.



  • Extensible on an unlimited basis and enables and provides all of its uniquely powerful and advanced analytical, editing and data management capabilities via a JavaScript internet browser client.
  • Because our intranet Enterprise GIS products are designed from the ground up to be run as HTTP-based services, using a JavaScript client via a standard internet browser (so plug-in free), migrating away from the traditional desktop GIS is seamless – without pain and reduces your costs and associated I.T. overheads.
  • Earthlight is massively scalable and its services can be componentised to provide you with precisely the functionality and capabilities which you require to achieve your business objectives
  • Customers can select the services and capabilities they wish to include on an ‘a la carte’ basis.
  • Build and control enterprise applications using eVO Flows: a zero-code applications builder for Flows, integrated into the Earthlight internet browser client, enabling organisations to build complex and powerful applications - so implementing the Citizen Developer approach.

Desktop GIS: with or without

Though Earthlight works with desktop GIS applications (e.g. ArcGIS, MapInfo Professional and QGIS), the removal of the need for the traditional desktop GIS application means that you can deploy capabilities to users throughout your organisations in an instant – and remove the need to install, patch, upgrade any machine level software application installations.

All functionality and capabilities can be deployed instantly throughout your organisation, irrespective of geographical locations of users, tailored to their business requirements.


Earthlight: Product Levels

We offer four different product versions of Earthlight, which incorporate different levels of functionality and capabilities – from a simple view and query platform, all the way up to a full intranet replacement for the traditional desktop GIS product, complete with full advanced spatial analytical server.




Galactic provides a full and complete enterprise system, which includes specialist applications such as Fleet Management, Specialist analytical capabilities which can only be matched by the most advanced desktop GIS applications available.  However, Galactic enables these to be disseminated to unlimited numbers of users via Earthlight’s JavaScript internet browser client application.Galactic customers will receive all new innovative additions to our intranet software stack, which includes all business modules and service specific features.
In short, you will be given the full capabilities of StatMap’s comprehensive and market-leading spatial software platform.



Advanced editing and analytical capability providing full enterprise desktop replacement capabilities to unlimited users.  A fully scalable service, which can be tailored to deliver tools, functionality, data and mapping to users and groups in a custom manner, designed to suit your business preferences and the needs of your corporate user base.



A cut-down version of the full Earthlight product’s capabilities.  This supplies editing and advanced data management capability typical intranet GIS capabilities, but it does not include the higher order analytical functionality of the full version.Foundation can be used in conjunction with the ‘a la carte’ choice of services available from StatMap – to build a service specific to your business needs.


Our leanest enterprise intranet GIS, but one which provides a fully scalable system across unlimited users.

You will receive all new innovative additions to our intranet software stack, which includes all business modules and service specific features commensurate with the level of product you are licenced for.In short, you will be given the full capabilities of StatMap’s comprehensive and market-leading spatial software platform.

As with all of our products, you will have an unlimited enterprise-wide licence, which enables you to expand the use of the software to unlimited numbers of users, and with unlimited role capability for users (such as editors, and administrators, etc.) This is entirely under your control to suit the needs of your business or organisation.

eVO Flows

With the inclusion of eVO Flows, Earthlight has now taken another leap forward in terms of its evolution into the leading enterprise GIS / geospatial application; taking your organisation places you didn’t imagine possible.

Download Earthlight summary document (PDF).