eVO GMS provides a complete BS7666 compliant web-based gazetteer management system which incorporates all of the advanced web-mapping capabilities of the eVO spatial application server.

The eVO GMS brochure details the cutting-edge advances in gazetteer management brought to enterprise users.

eVO GMS enables full management of the LLPG and LSG, including Level 3 Street Gazetteer with rich Associated Street Data (ASD).

Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) is handled using the sister module for GMS within eVO.

Like all StatMap enterprise products based on the eVO technology platform, eVO GMS is out-of-the-box and does not require third party software, licences, or services. It is a complete solution, and so is completely unique in its capability, simplicity, and ease of maintenance and deployment.


advanced gis

eVO’s fully integrated advanced GIS capabilities enables all spatial data administration, capture and maintenance of BLPU provenances.



Integrated geocoding enables users to integrate all business systems with the LLPG / LSG.


Central Maintenance

StatMap is working with Geoplace in designing and implementing the Central Maintenance concept.

Other features:

  • Unlimited users;

  • Automatic cloning of geometries to child records (e.g. flats within a tower block automatically inherit a cloned copy of the geometry, meaning that users avoid the tedious process of manually creating provenances for child records).