Reconfiguring and redrawing electoral boundaries and districts to account for population growth and development is a challenge which StatMap has made simple, using the new Cloud hosted web-based Redistricting application.

Enables active monitoring of electorates to ensure that Electoral Commission requirements are adhered to - and to give advanced warning of approaching triggers for change:

  1. If one ward has an electorate of +/-30% from the average electorate for the authority; or
  2. If 30% of all wards have an electorate of +/-10% from the average electorate for the authority.

Councils and electoral authorities are able to maintain and reconfigure all levels of democratic voting boundaries, quickly and speedily achieving equity and fairness by using the uniquely cutting-edge capabilities of StatMap’s eVO technology platform.



Nip & Tuck

Quickly and intuitively reshape any ward boundary while preserving its Topology:

  • No overlapping polygons; and 
  • No holes in the middle of the council area.

Redistricting is a unique editing tool - powered by our award winning eVO engine – allowing you to just draw new areas without resorting to the slow dragging of individual nodes.


Slice & Dice

  • Need to merge existing wards? 
  • Want to split existing ones? 

With the power of eVO underpinning it, Redistricting application enables you do this in seconds!
You can also use slice and merge technique to reposition border between two wards along the border of third ward without changing it.

Splitting Wards (Polygons):

Merging Existing Wards (Polygons):


Instantaneous Live feedback

Changes shown instantly - as they happen.  The eVO optimised spatial engine (database independent, as eVO runs happily on Oracle, SQL Server or PostgreSQL) delivers unparalleled performance.

Counting 200,000 elector property points in 25 ward polygons in 0.1 second… done!  There’s no waiting around.

Keeping track of the changes you've made to voting populations through adjustment of boundaries of Wards is simple using the Result Summary capabilities:


Utilises local address gazetteers - LLPG, OS AddressBase, or USPS

eVO’s Redistricting app utilises your BS7666 LLPG data – taken from your gazetteers remotely as DTF or 8.1 formats – for address data.


Visualising Voter Balance


Visualising the current and proposed state of affairs has never been easier:  

  • Click once on the Order button:  get a prioritised list of wards which need to be tackled.

So taking the phrase “raising the bar” quite literally.


Select boundary - Instant Reporting

Select areas using freehand select - and retrieve information instantly upon properties, empty properties, net voter rolls, etc.

Enabling you to know the characteristics of those properties / electors before deciding whether to reallocate them to another district / electoral unit.


Seeing the Bigger Picture

Ealing Ward Imbalances.png

Redistricting is a purely “spatial” task. Charts can only tell you what needs to be done, but not how to do it. Thanks to the clever thematic maps, you can not only see what needs to be fixed – but also how.


electors - the other half of the Equation

  • Adding new addresses is simple - so keeping up with new development.
  • Add/edit/delete existing property points instantly.

Premium package as standard

What is included:

  • Managed Ordnance Survey PSMA basemap stack (down to OS MasterMap level) – always up-to-date and beautifully styled;
  • Hosted in the Microsoft Azure or OVH London data centre – with up to 99.99% SLA;
  • Professional support with 10 years’ experience of cutting-edge web-based enterprise spatial applications.

True web-based product – no “online/cloud” phoney

eVO internet browser clients.jpg

eVO is completely internet browser based!

Unlike other software vendors, we are not trying to pass off Cold War-era software, repacked into clunky technologies, to sell as modern “Online” or “Cloud” solutions. Neither are we luring you into Citrix, remote access, thick clients, or desktop installations.

Our products are entirely 100% web-only bliss – from IE11 to Chrome.


Complete Process – Goes all the way!

With legacy redistricting applications, you only get half way.

You might assume that once the boundaries are moved; electorates are balanced; councillors are happy - that your work is done. Right? 

Alas, this is WRONG!

Using legacy systems, GIS officers would be charged with a long and painful process of aligning newly-drawn boundaries to existing geographical features. 

Not now, though:  thanks to eVO possessing by far the most advanced tracing capabilities on the market, 100% job can be completed in no time. StatMap only provides its clients with comprehensive A-to-Z solutions – without any of the process ‘gaps’.


We go the extra mile – it’s less crowded there

On top of that, StatMap supports fully direct human input devices – so the Redistricting process (especially consultation with councils) is a very intuitive, paper-light (free) experience.


eVO-lution is the secret for the next step (Karl Lagerfeld)

The Redistricting app is only possible thanks to eVO – the most advanced web-based spatial platform available; precision engineered by our leading developers.

eVO enables us to deliver not only tailor-made business specific applications, like Redistricting, but also the technological foundation for Horizon – our enterprise case management system platform - which underpins corporate statutory and non-statutory service transformations through harnessing eVO’s unparalleled technology for enabling true enterprise Digital Transformation.


Trusted by many

We wouldn’t be here without the knowledge and support provided by our customers. For over a decade we have served public organisations - from the NHS and Home Office, through National Parks, to local authorities (district, borough, and unitary).

Being the number one provider of enterprise web-based GIS for London metropolitan boroughs, we have learnt that trust is everything.


We’ve got you covered

Thanks to eVO, we can build complete workflow-based line-of-business applications quickly and efficiently.

So whether you need an ‘off-the-shelf’ products, or highly-tailored bespoke solutions, or just someone to talk to about your professional challenges – please do give us a call.