Voyager is the eVO Platform’s offline application, incorporating the cutting-edge data editing and creation capabilities of Earthlight.

Voyager is capable of the following:

  • Can be installed and used on a plethora of tablet and smartphone devices for general data maintenance, editing and creation applications, including Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.
  • Providing advanced GIS and GPS capabilities for editing, capturing and displaying your enterprise spatial data in any location and on a multitude of devices.
  • Providing users in the field with data styled using your standard corporate styling, as applied to your business data and background mapping
  • Integrating data seamlessly with the eVO Platform spatial data repository database and provides full OGC-compliant exchange formats, if exporting data for use with third-party applications is required.

Remote Synchronisation

Data can be set to automatically synchronise remotely with your enterprise eVO Spatial Data Repository database, located on your own servers or in the Cloud.  This means that employees do not need to return to the office in order to have data uploaded to the share with the rest of the organisation.  Alternatively, Voyager can be configured to enable data to be downloaded manually to your enterprise eVO spatial data repository, if desired – or export data via formats such as .shp, .tab, mid/mif, or gml.

High Precision and Accuracy

Voyager is also capable of being used on rugged handheld data collector hardware units with GNSS receivers.

Voyager, as standard, can be set to utilise the high precision and accuracy capabilities of professional engineering surveying grade hardware devices.  By incorporating with Trimble and Leica high accuracy and precision GPS positional APIs, Voyager is capable of providing the highest quality of data for engineering and surveying applications.

Note:  users will be required to have access to a Virtual Reference Station (VRS) service in order to process, in real-time, corrections to achieve the high precision measurements.  Similarly, StatMap does not supply the Trimble or Leica units required for high precision work.


  • eVO handles fully Z and M values in point, line and polygon geometries;
  • Full integration with the eVO Platform;
  • Specialist applications which can be built and configured using the eVO Flows builder capabilities of eVO Platform.
  • Utilises full editing capabilities available in Earthlight for points, lines and polygon geometries.
  • Supports GPS receivers, digital cameras and range finders within handheld devices.  Stores and synchronies data with the eVO enterprise Spatial Data Repository database.
  • No need for further extensions or extra purchases – as everything is included.
  • There is no need for extra software / middleware to export or download data to external files formats for using within third-party applications.
  • eVO symbology and high quality mapping provides a high quality data editing, maintenance and capture environment.
  • Custom applications for Voyager can be created and deployed using the eVO Flows application builder.