eVO in Central Government

StatMap provides its massively scalable enterprise eVO Platform applications to the Civil Service, enabling the reduction in the need to have desktop GIS applications throughout their offices UK-wide.

Every department within central government can utilise the eVO Platform to provide geospatial and geographic information system capabilities from a single platform: reducing massively costs on licencing, operations, IT support and simplifying supplier relationships and contracts.  It provides the perfect platform to assist in decision support, shaping policies and achieving departmental objectives in relation to citizens, the environment and infrastructure.

Unlimited and Unrestricted

Unlimited numbers of sophisticated applications and visual mapping applications can be provided via the single enterprise-wide eVO product application servers.  These can be built and configured very simply to provide whatever information, spatial data and statistics deemed suitable for citizens, civil servants, and third party organisations in achieving particular projects, tasks or pursuing policy objectives.


Because of the enterprise-wide single site licence, there is no need to purchase new software.  Applications can be built using the simple-to-use, yet incredibly powerful, integrated eVO JavaScript browser client application building tools.  They can then be deployed internally or externally at will.


eVO Data Services means that the Civil Service is now able to reduce its significant storage requirements – so reducing the need for associated hardware and servers - by transferring their maintenance and storage to StatMap's cutting edge platform and its associated capabilities.

In so doing, services to internal departments and the citizens can be improved enormously – and so massively reducing and rationalising services to the single enterprise eVO Platform.

eVO in action


Examples of these might be marine and licencing applications for the North Sea / UKCS, major infrastructure projects such as HS2, social and demographic data for investment and business incentive schemes, land and estates management functionality, etc.  The applications are almost limitless.


UK Government Home Office

The Home Office uses the eVO Platform’s Earthlight application to provide data related functionality for security operations and associated analytical exercises.

Open Standards


StatMap builds all of our products ton conform to open principles, conforming to reuse and interoperability with other applications using exposed APIs and data formats which are entirely consumable according to documented standards, such as those produced by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).


eVO is built to conform to the UK Government's adopted open standards and principles, so it is a technology platform which fully integrates into the wider IT infrastructure.

eVO provides a fully common enterprise-wide set of tools and applications, and enables all applications to be deployed limitlessly throughout and outside of an organisation.  Applications can also be reused and deployed at any other eVO Platform user sites.

Open Mapping Services

eVO Data Services all conform to OGC standards for WMS, WMTS and WFS data feeds.